individuals & families

Individuals and Families

Success in life is defined not only by the accumulation of wealth, but what we do with that wealth. Today we have a most urgent responsibility to create positive societal change. We are an increasingly socially and environmentally aware society.

Individuals and families want to make a difference. They want to be personally involved in deciding how to invest in good causes that align with their values. 

Before doing so, each donor needs to answer many questions:  What issues are important to me?  What organizations should I help? How should I best use my intellect and my limited amount of time? Should I set up my own foundation, set up a fund at a community foundation or make direct contributions? 

Jeff Hoffman & Associates will work with you to create a pathway of engagement tailored to your interests creating the positive impacts and lasting legacy that you desire.

• Philanthropic/Involvement Plan: Your Role in Society
• Social Impact Investing
• Philanthropic Advisement
• Youth Engagement
     Service Learning