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The Third Wave. A book by Steve Case

A fascinating and must read book.  It clearly lays out the technology revolution by illustrating where we have been, where we are now and where we will be going in the future.  But this is more than a book on … Continue reading

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Social Enterprises: Built to Succeed, Designed to Help

The world is rapidly changing. The opportunities and needs are changing. Governments, Businesses and Nonprofits/NGOs have been functioning fairly independently of each other, doing what they have been tasked to do. As society becomes more complex, the challenges are more … Continue reading

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Investing in Africa: Large Opportunities, Large Challenges

Africa, a continent so large that India, China and the United States combined could easily fit within its footprint. A place rich in culture, natural resources and opportunity. Yet, as companies look at Africa for investments, either for profit or … Continue reading

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Impact Investing as a Tool for Social Change: A Conversation with Jean Case

Be Fearless! What if failure is not a limitation? Set audacious goals. Take bigger risks. Make bigger bets. Be bold. Let urgency conquer fear. These are powerful words. How did you get into this? How did you decide to dedicate … Continue reading

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